Becoming an egg donor and giving the gift of life is wonderful. It is a decision that should be given consideration. The decision is ultimately a person decision, however those in your life may have concerns about your interest in donating your eggs. A frequently asked question is “Is donating eggs painful?” Being open with communication may help alleviate the worry and concern of others and provide you with a better support system during the process. It might be possible to keep quiet about donating your eggs, however there are many steps and appointments throughout the process in which you may want to reach out to your support system.

Why You Should Share This Experience

Having the desire to help give a person the gift of life and opening up to others may help otjers understand your giving spirit and look forward to giving you extra support .Your decision to donate your eggs is one of generosity and empathy for individuals and families struggling with infertility.

Questions Often Asked about Egg Donation

Be prepared with answers to these common questions that loved ones may ask.

  • Why do you want to become an egg donor? You may want to describe your motivating factors, including your desire to help intended parents to start or to add on to a family.
  • Is the process dangerous or painful? The process is an outpatient procedure and takes around 30 minutes. There is a minimal risk of developing minor complications.
  • Will it put your future fertility at risk? Egg donation will not deplete a woman’s egg supply or inhibit her later fertility, as only a few eggs are retrieved out of millions.
  • What are your/our responsibilities to any resulting children? The legal documentation ensures that the parents of the resulting children have all legal rights and responsibilities. The donor is not responsible for the outcome of the IVF or for any resulting children.
  • How can I help? You may need help with transportation on the day of the retrieval, and emotional support or practical help during the screening process and retrieval cycle. Your partner’s support will make this experience even more meaningful as you come together to provide hope for another couple.
  • Where can I learn more? There are resources available on our website: to answer common questions, explain the egg donor application, screening, and medical process in detail, as well as dispelling common myths and misconceptions about egg donation.