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Midwest Fertility Center is full-service fertility clinic offering innovative and individualized IVF treatment plans, Midwest Fertility Center is led by Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Amos E. Madanes.

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IVF Q & A by Amos E. Madanes, MD

What is IVF and How Does It Work?
In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure by which female eggs are fertilized in a laboratory, creating one or more embryos for implantation. Prior to the actual procedure, ovaries are stimulated to help mature multiple eggs for the treatment cycle.

At Midwest Fertility Center, once your ovaries are ready, Dr. Madanes performs egg retrievals using ultra-sound guidance. An egg retrieval takes about 30 minutes and is performed under anesthesia to prevent any discomfort during the procedure. Once retrieved, an Embryologist fertilizes the eggs with sperms to create embryos.

Laboratory specialists at the Midwest Fertility Center monitor the embryos for healthy development at appropriate developmental phases. Midwest Fertility Center follows the guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in determining the appropriate number of embryos to transfer. The embryos will then be transferred into the uterus by our fertility specialists.

A pregnancy test is performed about two weeks later to determine whether IVF has been achieved.

Am I a Good Candidate for IVF?
Being IVF is a complicated procedure, it’s rarely the first step for infertility treatment. For many couples, IVF shouldn’t be considered until less invasive and more cost-effective treatments have been attempted and deemed unsuccessful.

IVF is a good option, however, for couples diagnosed with low sperm count or poor sperm quality, endometriosis, ovulation or uterine issues, damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, sterilization, or generalized unexplained infertility.

Before entering a fertility treatment cycle, Midwest Fertility Center reproductive specialists perform full diagnostic evaluations to help determine the cause and/or extent of your infertility. The evaluation typically takes less than a month, after which you will begin an individualized treatment plan based on your evaluation results, age, medical history, and quality of eggs and semen.

What are the success rates for IVF?
Several factors influence the success rate of IVF, in addition to age, overall health, egg and semen quality.

  • Women age 35 and younger have a nearly 70% success rate with IVF; the rate decreases every year after the age of 35;
  • Women over the age of 40 have an average between 11.5% – 25% success rate.
  • In the United States, one out of every three women undergoing IVF achieves pregnancy
  • One in three IVF pregnancies result in a live birth

As technological advances in reproductive medicine continue to improve, success rates across all age groups will increase. The skilled team of IVF experts at Midwest Fertility Center are dedicated to helping you achieve a successful pregnancy.

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