Are you a young woman who desires a family, just not now? Take control of your family planning. New advancements in reproductive medicine have now provided an opportunity for young women to preserve their fertility through egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation. With endorsement from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) citing “egg freezing is no longer experimental,” women in their late twenties to mid-30s now have the flexibility to start their family when they are ready.

Amos E. Madanes, MD, of Midwest Fertility Center, affirms that this new technology has a high success rate, now almost equaling the utilization of fresh eggs for fertilization and embryo implantation. “Egg freezing is now a viable option that every young woman should consider for future family planning. Women can further enjoy the joys of childbearing when the time is right for them.”

Benefits of Egg Freezing
As our society shifts and evolves, research indicates people are marrying later in life. Women in their twenties and thirties are completing their education or just beginning to launch their careers. For some, this may not be an appealing time for growing a family. However, as our bodies age, fertility decreases. As women get older, overall egg count and quality declines. With egg freezing, a young woman can preserve more of her high-quality eggs and use them later for fertility, on their timeline.

How It Works
The first step is to schedule a consultation with a fertility physician. Your doctor will prescribe injection medications to stimulate your ovaries into producing multiple eggs. During this time, you will be carefully monitored by the fertility clinic to determine when the eggs are ready to be retrieved. This process can take approximately two weeks. When your body has produced the desired number of eggs, your egg retrieval will be scheduled.

Egg retrieval is an outpatient procedure whereby you are placed under mild anesthesia. This eliminates the need for any extended hospital stay or recovery. Instead of using the eggs immediately for pregnancy, they are frozen and stored safely in cryopreservation tanks until future use.

At Midwest Fertility Center, eggs are frozen by the state-of-the-art, flash-freezing process known as vitrification. Vitrification offers more effective and reliable results than other traditional methods. Eggs frozen in this manner may be stored for an indefinite matter of time.

When you and your partner are ready, the eggs will then be thawed and fertilized with your partner’s sperm through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) to form embryos. Embryos will be grown in a laboratory for 3-5 days, with only the best embryos then selected to be implanted into the uterus.

Fertility Preservation Costs
Some bigger employers have added egg freezing to their list of fertility benefits however, the numbers are still slim. Typically, egg freezing is comparable in cost to an IVF cycle. Being each center is individual, it is recommended to reach out to your provider for exact costs. As a reminder, freezing and storage may accrue additional charges.

Midwest Fertility Center provides competitive pricing financing options for egg freezing. Rest assured you are in good hands with our expert team. Contact us at 630-810-212, today for more information or schedule your consultation.